About Baba

                                          Braulio Da Cruz aka baba aka baba boss

Universal gave birth a star is born - I go by the name baba, born in angola - raised in the UK, i am from the united angola kingdom - sponsor me because I am me, support me because I am here for you, buy me because I am Here to put a  show for you, I roc the nation, I am an entrepreneur, I am a Pornstar, rock star, I am a radio star, show star, hip hop star, let's make history together people..... Angola most wanted... baba is royal distant relative - baba is going into the diamond business worldwide another reason why he is royal and a part of the royal family, baba done a few courses with the prince's trust - baba earn respects cos he is from angola, leader of black ryders, baba started black ryders when he was only 17 years old.

Baba is isabel dos santos blood family

  my name is baba

the letter like a book, the book like a film - this is real life -this is my life

this is my book is called - the blackprint and the whiteprint -

the ink is black and the papers are white - pen on papers always  wins

 I went from a prisoner to a detainee now I am an entrepreneur

universal gave birth a star is born - I go by the name baba
born in Angola - raised in the united Kingdom i am from the united angola kingdom
I am going to tell you a lil bit about my life on this book I wrote

I rock the nation, I am an entrepreneur, I am a pornstar ,Rockstar, popstar, radio star ,show star, hip hip star, online star and newspapers star

I had to push through darkness when I was facing darkness

the stories of detainees and prisoners it breaks hearts even a machine it breaks

doing time in prison it was hard but doing time in immigration removal centre is was hell because I was facing immigration

I was convicted at Woolwich crown court of robbery I was sentenced to five years imprisonment, I plead guilty to abduction and behaving in threatening and abusive manner because i was not well at the time i got mental illness and was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment in Glasgow and I was put in the sex offender list for 10 years because I love sex I am a pornstar at the end of the day, it only benefits me more because I am going hard everyday.

I was transferred to Langley green hospital under the mental health act when my detention under immigration powers came to an end

I went from a prisoner to a detainee now I am an entrepreneur
stormzy is dark - I am in the dark
I already made love to half of the girls in adult work some I paid for some sex and some gave me sex for free 
I am a celebrity male escort and pornstar already I already fucked half of the girls in babe station again I paid for some sex and some give me sex for free

I already been to prison like 2pac,mike Tyson and Akon it only made us more rich.

now ladies want to fuck me for free everywhere I go, I lick ass, I lick pussy and I fuck in the ass, first time I welcome - I am the new freemason

Kim Kardashian made porn, Katie price can make porn with me and demi rose can make porn with me

I went from zero to 100
I went from low to high
I came from nothing now I am on something
I came with nothing from Angola now I am leaving with a lot

I came from Angola to the uk age 12 my country was still at civil war

I been living in the uk since age 12
I came from poverty i grow up in poverty

I come to the uk  to look for myself it was a journey to find myself
Angola is my home and Angola will always be my home just for the fact I was facing immigration in the uk

I am a streetwise, I am coming from the streets - uk and Angola - I am coming of the streets

I couldn't get a in school but I got a in the global world- a for Africa and a for Angola

I dropout of school in the uk and in Angola I didn't went to school

irc and prisons it breaks people
the prayers doesn't work in prison and irc
you can loss yourself in prison and irc

I got the same mental problems as Kanye west

I seen people losing hope in prison and irc
I have seen people losing faith in prison and irc
I live in a crazy world my life their are trying to make it hell

I got brothers I talk to I got sisters I talk to and I got family member I talk to and I got family member I will never going to talk to again..

never give up on your dreams and one day you will be a winner